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 God of Poetry


Colour- N/A


Animal- N/A


Rune- Ansuz


“One is called Bragi: he is renowned for wisdom, and most of all for fluency of speech and skill with words. He knows most of skaldship, and after him skaldship is called bragr, and from his name that one is called bragr-man or -woman, who possesses eloquence surpassing others, of women or of men.”-Prose Edda

Bragi is known as the Bard of Valhalla, he plays and entertains the Einherjar and welcomes the new honoured dead before they feast. Being the god of poetry he is the patron of all skalds, in fact his very name means “Poetry.” he has the power to bring inspiration to all poets and writers.


 Bragi is the brother of Thor, Vidar, Vali, Baldr, Hodr and Melli. He is the son of Odin and the Jotun Gunnlodr and husband to the goddess Idunn. He is described as having a very large white beard and carries with him a beautiful golden harp, given to him just after he was born. It is also said he has the very runes carved onto his tongue, however this could be a metaphor for him being a skilled skald. It is also said he is welcomed in any of the nine worlds and by any of the races as he is a speaker of peace and a skilled diplomat. In the Lokasenna Loki accuses Bragi of being a coward and the slayer of Idunn’s brother nothing else is known of this matter however.


 Bragi spake: "A horse and a sword, from my hoard will I give,And a ring gives Bragi to boot,That hatred thou makst not, among the gods; So rouse not the great ones to wrath."

Loki spake: "In horses and rings, thou shalt never be rich, Bragi, but both shalt thou lack;Of the gods and elves, here together met, Least brave in battle art thou,And shyest thou art of the shot."

Bragi spake: "Now were I without, as I am within,And here in Ægir's hall,Thine head would I bear in mine hands away, And pay thee the price of thy lies."

Loki spake: "In thy seat art thou bold, not so are thy deeds,Bragi, adorner of benches!Go out and fight  if angered thou feelest, No hero such forethought has."

Ithun spake: "Well, prithee, Bragi, his kinship weigh,Since chosen as wish-son he was;And speak not to Loki such words of spite Here within Ægir's hall."

Loki spake: "Be silent, Ithun! thou art, I say,Of women most lustful in love, Since thou thy washed-bright | arms didst wind About thy brother's slayer."

Ithun spake: "To Loki I speak not with spiteful words, Here within Ægir's hall;And Bragi I calm,who is hot with beer,For I wish not that fierce they should fight." -Lokasenna 12-18

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