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Call of the Landvaettir


A ritual I recently came across is an Icelandic ritual called Call to the Landvaettir, after practicing it a few times I found it to be a really useful protective ritual you can use before conducting any ritual. Like the Hammer rite it hallows the area and similar to that of the pagan ritual of 'evoking the elements' it bolsters the magick performed within it. The protection this time however comes from four landwights or Landvaettir. Vaettr or “Wights,” these are spirits mainly attributed to nature and act as guardians and even teachers. Each race has its own Vaettr, which then divide further into Families or Aettir. There are also many different types of Vaettr. Sjovaettr are wights of the sea, Vatnvaettr are wights of freshwater and rivers, Husvaettr are house wights and the most well known of these are the Landvaettr or wights of the land. These wights promote flourishing in the land and then protect it.


So this is the method I use to call on their aid, first you need to be sat or kneeling in the center of the area you wish to hallow as the next step is to meditate just to get you into the right mindset for the ritual. To do this relax, focus on your breathing nice and slow and relaxed, letting all other thoughts leave your head, just concentrating on your breaths in and out, in and out. When you are totally relaxed stay in this state for around 10 minutes just to focus your mind.


Stand up and face East and prepare to begin. Speak the words


"From the East comes the Dragon, Dreki, to the dread of my foes"


Turn to the North and speak the words


"From the North comes the Eagle, Gammur, bringing the gift of insight "


Turn to the West and speak the words


"From the West comes the Bull, Gridungr, making me mighty"


Turn to the South and speak the words


"From the South comes the Jotun, Bergrisi, making me solid and steadfast"


As you speak each set of words visualize the relevant entities appearing from your center and appearing at their relevant points around the area of ground you wish to hallow. From there you can continue with any other ritual or magic you wish to perform. Upon closing go around in reverse and thank each entity, ask them to leave and visualize them going back to your centre and disappearing.

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