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Goddess of Childbirth and Healing


Colour- Red


Animals- N/A


Rune- N/A


Little is known about the goddess Eir, what is known is that her name means ‘Help’ or ‘Mercy,’ and she is one of Frigg’s handmaidens. She is the Aesir goddess of health and healing with a great knowledge of medicine and surgery. Her powers are the ability to preside over life and death or ressurection.


Her abode is the hill Lyfjaberg ‘Healing Hill,’ where along with her Jotun companion Menglod, they heal and treat the ill and injured. She would grant health to any woman who could climb up the Lyfjaberg. Also on the hill are helpers and maids, wights, named Hlif, Hlifthursa, Thiodvorta, Biort, Blid, Blidr, Frid and Orboda. She is also known as a companion of Var.

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