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 God of Peace and Fertility


Animals- Boar and Stag


Colours- Green, Brown, Gold



“Freyr is the most renowned of the Aesir; he rules over the rain and the shining of the sun, and there withal the fruit of the earth; and it is good to call on him for fruitful seasons and peace. He governs also the prosperity of men.”- Prose Edda.

The Name Freyr means “Lord.”Although born of the Vanir gods, Freyr is an honorary Aesir after being given to them as a hostage or a token of truce along with his sister Freyja after the Aesir-Vanir war. His father is Njordr, the God of the sea and his mother is the sister wife of Njordr, possibly Nerthus being that incest seemed to be big amongst the Vanir. His twin sister is Freyja the Goddess of love. He was gifted one of the nine realms, that of Ljosalfheimr where he resides as Lord of the Ljosalf.


He is the owner of two Dokkalfer (Dwarf) made treasures. The first is the great ship Skidbladnir that could sail on any sea but be folded up and placed inside the pocket when needed, it is said to be the greatest of ships. The second is the golden boar Gullinbursti meaning Golden Bristles, who is said to accompany him and even pull his chariot.


Freyr was once the owner of an unnamed magic sword which could fight on its own and was unbeatable. He gave this sword to his servant Skirnir, who Freyr sends to Jotunheimr to woo the Jotun Gerdr on behalf of him Gerdr later becomes Freyr’s wife. After the loss of his sword he killed a Jotun Beli using the antler of a stag. At Ragnarok however he is slain by the Jotun Sutyr.  

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