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Goddess of Fertility








“Frigg sent her waiting-maid Fulla to bid Geirröd be on his guard, lest the trollmann who was coming should do him harm, and also say that a token whereby he might be known was, that no dog, however fierce, would attack him”- Poetic Edda.

The goddess Fulla is a handmaid of Frigg, who looks after all her Frigg’s jewellery in an ashen box and all of her footwear. Frigg imparts all her secrets to Fulla in return for this service. She was gifted a finger ring by the deceased gods, Baldr and Nanna and is a virgin goddess. Her name means ‘ Bountiful.’


“She helped heal the foal of Phol when it sprained its ankle and could not walk.


Phol and Wodan went to the forest.Then Balder's horse sprained its foot.Then Sinthgunt sang charms, and Sunna her sister;then Friia sang charms, and Fulla her sister;Then Wodan sang charms, as he well could:be it bone-sprain, be it blood-sprain, be it limb-sprain:bone to bone, blood to blood,limb to limb, so be they glued together.”-Merseberg Incantations.


She also warned a patron of Frigg, King Geirodd that Odin would visit him in Disguise, on Frigg’s orders.

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