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God of Brute Strength


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“Modi and Magni, shall Mjolnir have,When Vingnir falls in fight.”-Poetic Edda

Very little is known of Magni, what is known is he is the son of Thor and the Jotun Jarnsaxa or “Iron Sword,” and is brother to Modi, He is also half brother to Thrudr and Ullr. His name means “Strong,” He is one of the survivors of Ragnarok and one of the new Aesir pantheon, he also becomes one of the owners of Mjolnir when Thor dies in battle against Jormungandr. He famously became the owner of Gullfaxi or “Golden Mane when he helped Thor in his battle with Hrungnir.


“But the hammer Mjöllnir struck Hrungnir in the middle of the head, and smashed his skull into small crumbs, and he fell forward upon Thor, so that his foot lay over Thor's neck. Thjálfi struck at Mökkurkálfi, and he fell with little glory. Thereupon Thjálfi went over to Thor and would have lifted Hrungnir's foot off him, but could not find sufficient strength. Straightway all the Æsir came up, when they, learned that Thor was fallen, and would have lifted the foot from off him, and could do nothing. Then he came up, son of Thor and Járnsaxa: he was then three nights old; he cast the foot of Hrungnir off Thor, and spake: 'See how ill it is, father, that I came so late: I had struck this giant dead with my fist, methinks, if I had met with him.' Thor arose and welcomed his son, saying that he should surely become great; 'And I will give thee, he said, the horse Gold-Mane, which Hrungnir possessed.”

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