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One Rune Casting


Also known as Odin’s Rune, this simple casting of a rune gives a general overview of your current life or gives insight into a specified situation. As with any Rune casting you should spend time focusing your mind before attempting it. I tend to just meditate for 10 mins before to set myself  before I begin. You should also get your runes and any incense or candles you wish to burn  set up and going before you begin.


Take the bag of runes and hold it in your hand with the top open ready to put in your hand.


In your mind think of the question or situation you want the runes help with and focus on it. 


Place your hand into the rune bag and feel around until you touch a rune that feels right to you and draw out that rune, keep it in your hand and don’t look at it.


Place it in front of you, if its on the blank side turn it over from right to left. You can now interpret the rune (Click Here) If it is upside down this means it is reversed and the interpretation will differ. Remember however that it is not like divination and prophecies, a casting shows you possible outcomes and the causes, and therefore can be changed.


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