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Goddess of Wisdom


Colour- Gold


Animals- N/A


Rune- N/A


'Sága, she dwells at Søkkvabekkr, and that is a great abode.’-Prose Edda


Very little is known of the goddess Saga, partly due to the fact that scholars argue she is part of or the same person as Frigg. What we do know is her name means ‘Seeress,’ although this is also disputed. She lives in the hall Sokkvabekkr ‘Sunken Beach,’described as a place where cool waters rush and where it is said she spends her days by the stream of memory drinking out of gold chalices with Odin.


‘Sokkvabekk is fourth o'er which is named the gelid waves resound, Odin and Saga there, joyful each day, from golden beakers quaf,’-Poetic Edda

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