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Harry Potter Live Late - Rune Professor

So about 2 weeks ago I was asked by some of my favorite work colleagues (Laura, Rosie and Andy) to do an activity night for my place of work. It was basically a night of Harry Potter themed activities based around the classes that appeared in the book along with quizzes and other fantastic and wonderful things to do. This at first made me nervous as I am not the best when center of attention, and I get flustered quite easily. Never the less I accepted, and to be honest I am so glad I did.

I had never really practiced my Magick in front of others before so I decided that one of the activities I would do would be rune casting on a really basic level. This proved a good move, as People really got involved with it and even though it wasn't as in depth as a full casting, it got people to ask about runes and then my other Magick as well. It amazes me when I talk to people how interested they get when you begin to talk about what you do and how you practice, especially considering at one time I would probably have been burnt at the stake or dunked into a river.

I also did some slightly less magickal activities such as writing in runes, another success and again people really got stuck in and I think even learned a few things. The final activity was making a cardboard rune set and pouch to keep them in and although it wasn't as successful I still feel it made people get into at least looking at the runes. The fancy dress was amazing and the whole night was very successful for all involved. The event team that organised it should be very proud of what they achieved.

What all this did was boost my confidence greatly, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I know for a practicing magician, a Harry Potter night might be cliche but I feel as long as people are learning about Magick it doesn't matter how I deliver it or where.

So in conclusion to this brief insight into the stuff I get up to, I just want to thank Laura, Rosie and Andy and everyone connected to Museums Sheffield for giving a small time employee like myself a chance to not only represent the company, but in a way better myself and my confidence in the magick I practice.

Enjoy the Photos

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