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Magick Mondays- Creating a Sigil

Magick Mondays- Creating a Sigil

Creating a Sigil

One major cornerstone in all magick is the use of sigils. No matter what path you go down magickally, you will find some form of sigil magick is used, whether that is Goetic symbols , Norse Galdrastafir or even self created sigils. They are used to manifest either an outcome of some description like friendship, protection or even love, or they are used to manifest entities as a kind of calling card. They are closely related to seals, however seals are a more personal form of this kind of magick, they only deal with entities and are more like an entities signature, a bit more formal. A sigil is basically the representation of an outcome or entity and an example of this is company logos.

One of the more basic and most commonly used methods to create your own sigils is to write out your desire on a piece of paper as if it is already happening, for example, “I am a person with lots of money”. You would write it like this as the whole point is to manifest what the sigil means, if you put “I want to be a millionaire” the sigil will make you always want to be a millionaire, never actually getting there. Next you will remove all the vowels so using the above sentence on your paper you should have.


Now remove all the double letters


And using these letters manoeuvre them to create an aesthetically pleasing shape to you. If you like, and what I do is write them out in runes or another form of writing, whatever you find more comfortable. I tend to use runes. Finally to amplify your sigil you can use different colours to correspond with the outcome so in Magick green is used for financial success and luck, you can also add symbols into your sigil, so for money you could use a pound sign and for love you could use a heart. Adapt these into your sigil until you are happy with the design. All you need to do now is open the sigil to manifest what your desire. A small tip I can give is to not use it straight away, think about make sure you are totally happy with it before you open it.

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