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My Top 5 Favourite Witchy Names for Magickal ingredients

My Top 5 Favourite Witchy Names for Magickal ingredients

5.Eye of Newt Eye of newt is another name for Mustard Seeds. It is said that if you carry these seeds in your pocket when going into court, confusion will arise, and you will go free and if sprinkled around the house to keep the spirits of evil, negative influences and witchcraft away.

4.Bats Wings Bats wings are just another name for Holly, Holy planted near a home is said to repel poison and protect from witchcraft and lightning also Holly can be used in consecration and in spells for material gain, physical revenge, beauty, protection, luck and dream magic.

3.Frogs Foot Frogs foot are simply Bulbous buttercups, they are used for spells regarding: divination, energy, innocence, prosperity, youth. Carrying the petals in your wallet or purpose is said to bring about abundance.

2.Swine’s Snout Swine's snout is another name for dandelion leaves, Some people use dandelions to enhance psychic abilities. A tea of the flowers and leaves may be drunk to increase psychic ability and pouring boiling water over a bowlful of roots will aid in calling spirits.

1.Wolf’s Claw Wolf’s claw is another name for Club Moss, Burn it as incense as an offering to the deities and to open channels of communication with them. Use in amulets and charms for power and protection.

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