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Freyja's Friday - Sweyn Forkbeard

Freyja's Friday - Sweyn Forkbeard England once had a Viking king, But he only reigned for 5 weeks! Sweyn Forkbeard, was the father of King Cnut and in 1013 became the first Viking king of Britain. After a long struggle to get there. He conquered all the thanes of Wessex one by one amassing a huge army as he went, eventually the current King, Aethlred and his two sons abandon the throne and retreated to Normandy and into exile, there upon Sweyn took the throne and became king on christmas day 1013, now that's a present you don’t want to return. Unfortunately he died on 3 February 1014, having ruled England for only five weeks. His embalmed body was returned to Denmark for burial in the church he had built. His son Cnut was pronounced as king.

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