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Witchy Wednesdays - Comfrey

Witchy Wednesdays - Comfrey Comfrey is a herb perrenial native to Europe. It has a large black root giving it the other name of Black wort. Its hairy pointy leaves grow in big clusters up a central stem which grows about 3 feet in height. It also has clusters of bell like flowers on top which vary in colour but are usually yellow, pink or blue. The name comfrey means to grow together. Rot the leaves down in water for several weeks to produce a concentrated liquid fertilizer. It is a great addition to compost in moderation. Make sure you balance it with firmer plant matter. Try adding comfrey to salves for burns, acne, bruising, abrasions and other topical complaints. It can also be used in poultices for breaks and strains and to reduce swelling from any cause. The boiled roots yield a sticky paste which dries hard, and it has been used to set bandages. Simply spread it on the bandage, and then wrap the wound. Drinking as a tea is supposed to help quickly heal internal injuries recovery time, however use sparingly as it can cause liver damage if over used. Comfrey roots, combined with dandelion roots and chicory roots are said to make a good coffee substitute. Magickally Place a comfrey leaf inside your luggage to prevent it from getting lost. Wrap your money in a comfrey leaf for several days before going to a casino or poker game. It will help keep your bets coming back to you. Use comfrey root in sachets for protection while traveling, and to keep your lover faithful while you are gone. It can be burned in combination with mugwort to aid in divination and concentration and by itself or in combination for spells associated with letting to of unhealthy relationships.

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