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Witchy Wednesday - Echinacea

Witchy Wednesday - Echinacea Echinacea is a flowering plant native to North America typically in the plains and prairies. It is a perrennial plant and grows to around 20 inches tall. It has a large bristly disk at its centre and is surrounded by a purple pink petals that droop downwards, and has lance shaped green narrow leaves. The name Echinacea comes from the Greek echinos, which describes the nature of a hedgehog. Echinacea is a great plant to help keep away colds as it boosts your Immune system the best part being the roots however you can do this by creating a tea from the leaves. Steep a handful in boiling water for 15 mins then strain through a muselin and serve. You can also make a tincture by steeping a handful in at least 80% proof alcohol. It is safe to use indefinitely, but loses potency if you use it too long. Magickally Echinacea is an appropriate flower for offerings, especially to place spirits and river entities and Including Echinacea in any spell or charm will increase its effectiveness. Placing it inside a vase in the home will provide prosperity for your family, planting it near the front door will also protect against evil entities and bad luck.

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