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Witchy Wednesday - Cyclamen

Witchy Wednesday - Cyclamen Cyclamen is a small perennial native to Europe and the Mediterranean. It has heart shaped green leaves and a 5 inch stalk with a purple, pink, red, white flower on top. They have 5 petals on them. The name Cyclamen comes from the Greek kyklaminos, meaning circle. It may be a reference to the spiralling habit of the seed stem or the round corms. Eating the raw root can cause violent purging, but this effect disappears after it is roasted. It can then be pounded into a sort of flour for use in cooking and baking Cyclamen is used in homoeopathic medicine to bring on late menstruation and as a treatment for vertigo and dizziness and various other irritations of the head. Cyclamen is a very powerful, violent purgative! Use with caution and in very small quantities. Pregnant women should never use this plant, internally or externally, for any purpose! Magickally Cyclamen may be incorporated into any spell designed to increase joy and happiness in a situation, to increase affection in a relationship and your good old fashioned love spell. Likewise, it can be used to the opposite affect, to gently send away an unwanted person. Keep cyclamen plants in the house to increase your self esteem, love and protection and to bring a general feeling of happiness. Put cyclamen in your bedroom to help keep away nightmares and negative energies. The oil or the flower itself may be worn to protect one against a broken heart. It is also useful for candle-magic love spells.

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