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Witchy Wednesdays - Thyme

Witchy Wednesdays - Thyme Thyme is a perrenial evergreen herb of the mint family, it is low growing with a grey green coloured leaves and tiny pink flowers, the leaves growing from a woody stem, The tiny flowers will draw in bees to your garden. The word Thyme comes from the Greek meaning to "fumigate". This shows that it may have been burned in sacred rites. As we know Thyme is used heavily as a culinary herb in a great range of dishes from many cultures but also The Ancient Egyptians used thyme for Embalming The Ancient Greeks used it in their baths and burnt it as incense in their temples, believing it was a source of courage. The spread of thyme across Europe was thought to be due to the Romans as they used it to cleanse their rooms and to give an aromatic flavour to cheese and liqueurs. In Medieval England, ladies embroidered sprigs of thyme into their knights' scarves to increase their bravery. In Scotland, highlanders brewed tea to increase courage and keep away nightmares. The phrase "to smell of thyme" meant that one was stylish, well groomed, poised, and otherwise attractive. For internal use, steep 2 teaspoons of fresh herb or 1 teaspoon of dried herb in one cup of boiling water, twice a day in the morning and evening, to relieve lung problems and dispel parasites. It is also used for athlete's foot and haemorrhoids. Magickally thyme is believed to be lucky in two different ways, for Protection and Cleansing and to Bring About an Increase in Money. To Stop Nightmares, people burn it on charcoal and breathe the smoke. Faeries love thyme. Its addition to your garden will draw them and it can be used in spells to communicate with faeries. When working hard to achieve a goal that seems unachievable, thyme can be used in spells to help you keep a positive attitude.

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