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Magick Mondays - Energy in Magick

Magick Mondays - Energy in Magick So the first thing I should do is explain energy. Energy is the force you manipulate when performing magick. It runs through everything, and by building it up, it can then be used to make your rituals and practices more potent. Magick basically is the process of directing or manipulating natural energy to acquire an outcome, and one of the biggest problems magicians face is not building up enough energy for the desired outcome to be a reality. In a way developing energy building and manipulation should be the first stop in learning magick after meditation as it is hugely important to the magicians success. So firstly how do we absorb magick and raise our own energy. There are many techniques to raise your energy levels, but first let us see how you can create your own energy. Find a Spot where you can relax and focus your mind Firstly you need to be in a place away from any interruptions from people, noise , smells anything which might draw your attention too much. Secondly you need to wear loose fitting comfy clothing, so as not to make you fidget too much or make you too hot or cold you need to be at your ideal temperature. Finally you need to get into a comfy position, this can be sitting down or laying down or kneeling whichever suits you the best. Start by breathing in and out, in and out, drawing all your attention to your breaths, notice you chest rising and falling as you do and begin to count your breaths, keeping them nice and slow and steady. Empty your head of all thoughts, feelings and emotions, and just be one with yourself Hold out your hands in front of you shoulder width apart with palms facing each other, like if your about to clap. try to visualise a form of energy in front of you between your hands, it should be blue in colour, but if yours is different do not worry. With every breath feel the energy ball growing stronger and stronger and more fiery and energy like. Move your hands apart and together and when you feel the edges of your ball you have successfully created energy. If you are near a chain-link link fence you can cast the ball at it in a thrust motion and you will know if you hit it as the fence will flex and sometimes you may get sparks. This is something I have yet to achieve and only read about so again don't worry if this doesn't happen for you. So how do we raise energy from elsewhere, well simply meditating you can raise your energies or by using certain methods. The first being again sitting somewhere comfortable getting into that relaxed state and holding out your right and to the side palm down and left arm to the side palm up. Visualise energy flowing up from the ground into your right palm, out of the top over your head and down through your left hand back into the ground. Visualise it as a complete circle around you even when it goes into the ground and as the energy passes through either hand feel some of the energy making its way into the body and raising your energy levels.

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