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Magick Mondays - TOP 5 FAVOURITE POSTS (including Links)

Magick Mondays - TOP 5 FAVOURITE POSTS (including Links) So here we are post number 100 writing these posts is one of the most fun things I do and there is many more yet to come, it started with MAGICK MONDAYS, WITCHY WEDNESDAYS and FREYJA’S FRIDAYS back when I first started A DESCENT INTO DARKNESS, they were quite small often one paragraph facts but have grown into bigger articles alongside my own experience growing in both magick and norse knowledge and now I have TYR’S TUESDAYS and THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS to add to those, meaning I now post 5 days a week, but your here for an article so here it is… MY TOP 5 FAVOURITE POSTS FROM MAGICK MONDAYS…. Magick Mondays #5 Channelling Entities I love this post as it is something I use regularly in my practice and to share the method I use was really the first step in sharing how I practice Magick Mondays #40 Possession Learning about possessions is one of the first things I remember reading about Occult wise and it has always stuck with me so I had to include this in the list. Magick Mondays #64 Evoking the elements I use this short ritual quite a lot when wanting the protection of the elements and always use it in partnership with casting a circle. Magick Mondays #74 Cleansing your temple Something I use when I need to change the way I practice or change pathways I am on, it is incredibly useful and for me a key tool in practice Magick Mondays #20 Casting a Circle A ritual I use all the time and what I consider a staple in protection when doing any sort of ritual, it was a pleasure to write this post. OK so now you have seen this post stick around for the other #100 posts or check out my website at THANK YOU TO ALL FOLLOWERS FOR MAKING THIS EPIC

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