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Magick Mondays - Wall Scrying

Magick Mondays - Wall Scrying There are many ways a person can scry and into many different objects, but one I have read about recently is slightly different than normal and is more advanced than normal scrying. Wall scrying requires no mirrors or tools and therefore makes it a more readily available way to scry. It does however require you to have the knowledge of how to scry initially as it can be quite difficult to master, the rewards are definitely worth the hard work though. As with all scrying sessions the first thing to do is set up your area by, making it as dark as possible and lighting a candle to give you just enough visibility to see. Find a bare wall, preferably south facing, place the candle behind you and stand facing the wall at arms length. Using your index and middle finger, draw and visualise a three foot in diameter circle in white, looking like it was drawn in chalk. Whilst still visualising this circle get comfortable and sit down ready to begin the actual scrying. The area within the white circle is going to act as your black mirror. Get into a relaxed state, and if you know how open up your third eye through either meditation or your other chosen method, and begin to stare into the chosen scrying method as if you are trying to stare through it.Empty all of your thoughts or focus on the one thing your scrying about. Don’t strain your eyes while doing this just relax with your eyes open and begin to go into a trance or deep meditative state To do this stare at a spot on a wall with your eyes opened but relaxed. Let your thoughts drift away to nothing, and eventually you will see a sort of rain in front of your eyes. Switch to another point just off of where you were looking and you will be in the trance. focus back into the circle, clouds will begin to form and you will begin to scry. At first it may take some time for the visions and clouds to appear as your vision has to adapt to the new size, this can take anything from days, weeks or even months to re develop. When they do appear you will notice that they appear to be slightly off of the wall and more close to three dimensions than normal scrying mirrors. As established previously as you are scrying, clouds will begin to appear, they way the appear and move will help establish what the vision will be. If the clouds appear on the left it will be a realistic vision where no interpretation is needed, if on the right it will be a symbolic vision and will need to be interpreted slightly to understand. The clouds will also begin to move and their movement will also help with reading the visions. If they stay left it will be a vision involving material matters and events. If they stay right it is a spiritual matter. A constant movement of left to right is either the beginning of something or it can mean that a spirit or entity is approaching a start of conversation. A movement of right to left is the end of something or an entity or spirit leaving. If they begin to float upwards it is an affirmation or yes to a scryed question and falling clouds is a de affirmation. Colours also play a big part in the interpretation of the visions each mean something different. White- Good Vision Pure White- Truth, Purity of Purpose Brilliant White- Spirituality, Joy Shot of White within Gold- A revelation or Prophecy Cream- Presence of an Angelic Entity Yellow- Intellect Bright Yellow- Play fullness Pale Yellow- Abstract Thought Ochre- Wilfulness, Mental Dominance Golden- Creativity Red- Anger Scarlett/Orange- Indignation,Righteous Anger Vivid Scarlett- Fury, Rage, Violent impulses Very Dark Red- Lust, Perverse Desire, Brutality Dull Crimson- Sexual Desire Bright Crimson- Emotional Love, Friendship Rose- Spiritual Love, Devotion Orange- Ambition Dark Orange- Pride Bright Orange- Achievement Pale Orange- Knowledge, Teaching Dirty Orange- Selfishness Green- Desire Gray/Green- Deceitfulness Dark Green with Scarlett- Jealousy Spring Green- Flirting, Teasing Emerald- Sympathy, Empathy Blue- Devotion Deep Blue- Adoration Sky Blue- Self Sacrifice Pale Slate Blue- Religious Awe Blue and White- Superstitious Fear Violet and Blue- Idealism Purple- Health Red with Purple- Animal Vitality Dark Purple- Brooding, Obsessive Thoughts Pale Purple- Weakness or Sickness Dirty Purple- Insanity Blue/Purple- Perverse Fondness, Erotic Dreams Brown- Materialism Bright Brown- Acquisitiveness Dull Brown- Miserliness, Hoarding Rust Brown- Prideful Possession, Vanity Dark Brown- Envy, Collecting Mania Gray- Sorrow Deep Slate- Depression Leaden- Fear Putty- Tedium or Boredom Mist- Emptiness Black- Evil Glossy Black- Spite, Vindictiveness,Pettiness Dull Black- Brooding Evil, Murderous Thoughts. All these should help you to interpret the visions you will get, the more you practice the more vivid these will become and the easier it will get to have these visions. It is all a matter of practice. The first time I came across this ritual was in E A Koetting's - Works of Darkness and it instantly hooked me to try this for myself.

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