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Goddess of Winter, Skiers and Hunting


Colours- White and Brown


Animals- Wild Game and She Wolves


Runes- Isa


”Njördr has to wife the woman called Skadi, daughter of Thjazi the giant. Skadi would fain dwell in the abode which her father had had, which is on certain mountains, in the place called Thrymheimr”- Prose Edda.

Little is known of the Goddess Skadi, what we do know is her name means ‘Harm’ and she is the daughter of the Jotun Thjazi and an unnamed mother. She is a great archer and hunter and is described as having a wild personality 


Her husband is Njordr whom she was married to after choosing him as a payment for the killing of her father by the Aesir. Skadi was to be given a god of her choosing in marriage, but she was to select him by the sight of his legs and feet alone. She picked the fairest pair of legs she could see, thinking them to be those of Baldr. However, as it turned out, they were those of the sea-god Njordr. She then had to choose where to live with her new husband, She didn’t like the noise of Noatun home of Njordr and he didn’t like Thrymheimr or ‘Thunder home’ home of Skadi after the death of Thjazi. The pair first spent nine nights in Thrymheimr. After the two had slept for nine nights in Noatun, Skadi had opinions to express regarding the sunny home of Njordr. The cries of the gulls had been unbearably abrasive to her ears, and she had found it impossible to sleep. So she departed for the mountains, and the two parted ways. She later became wife to Ullr.


She was also present at the binding of Loki.


“And the Aesir took his entrails and bound Loki with them over the three stones: one stands under his shoulders, the second under his loins, the third under his boughs; and those bonds were turned to iron. Then Skadi took a venomous serpent and fastened it up over him, so that the venom should drip from the serpent into his face. But Sigyn, his wife, stands near him and holds a basin under the venom-drops; and when the basin is full, she goes and pours out the venom, but in the meantime the venom drips into his face. Then he writhes against it with such force that all the earth trembles: ye call that 'earthquakes.' There he lies in bonds till the Weird of the Gods.”- Prose Edda.

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