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Goddess of the Sun


Colour- Gold


Animals- Horses


Rune- Sowilo


“Máni and his sister Sól are the children of a man by the name of Mundilfari. The children were so fair that Mundilfari named them "moon" and "sun", which was perceived as arrogance by the gods, and it so angered the gods that they placed the brother and sister in the heavens. There, Máni "guides the path of the moon and controls its waxing and waning."-Prose Edda

Sol is the Goddess that steers the sun through the sky. She is described as beautiful with golden hair and eyes. She is the twin sister of Mani, God of the Moon and daughter of Mundilfari, collectively these three Aesir are the Gods of time. Her husband is Glenr ‘opening in the clouds,’ who gives her the daughter Sol, who will take the Elder Sol’s place after Ragnarok. Her name means ‘Shining Goddess.’ although she sometimes goes by the name Sunna. The day Sunday is named after her ‘Sunna’s Day.’


She is pursued through the sky by one of the sons of Fenrir, Loki’s son, called Skoll or ‘Treachery,’ when there is a solar eclipse it is said that it is Skoll getting too close. She carries a shield called Svalin which means ‘Chill,’ without which the cosmos would be scorched by the sun. Two horses pull her chariot Arvakr ‘Early Riser,’ and Alsvidr ‘Swift runner.’   

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