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God of Thunder and War


Colour- Sky Blue, Red


Animals- Goats


Rune- Thurisaz


“Thor alone struck a blow there, swollen with rage, he seldom sits still when he hears such things said; the oaths broke apart, the words and the promises, all the solemn pledges which had passed between them.” - Poetic Edda

Thor is described as a large, powerful, Aesir God with red flowing hair and beard. He is the Protector of Midgardr, defending the realm from the Jotuns and the Trolls. Legend has it that Scandinavia is free from trolls because Thor was so good at killing them he wiped them out of that region. There is a piece of whetstone lodged in his head never to be freed hailing from his battle with the Jotun Hrugnir.


He is the son of the Aesir chief Odin and the goddess Jord. He is the brother of Baldr and Hodr, Bragi, Melli and Vidar and Vali. He is husband to the golden haired Sif who gave the stepson Ullr. He also keeps a mistress called Jarnsaxa who gave him his two sons Modi and Magni and his daughter Thrudr. His name means ‘Thunderer.’ He resides in his hall Bilskirnir meaning ‘Lightning crack,’ the largest of the halls with 540 rooms. It sits in the area of Asgardr called Thrudheimr, or ‘Place of Might.’


He is normally accompanied by his two goats who pull his chariot, they are called Tanngrisnir or ‘Teeth Snarler,’ and Tanngnjoster or ‘Teeth Grinder.’ These goats are no ordinary goats however as they can be killed an eaten everyday and can be resurrected by Thor each morning after the bones are placed back with the fur. He is also seen travelling a lot with the trickster god Loki, who often getsa him into predicaments. He also owns lots of magickal items the three main ones are his ‘Belt of Might,’ Megingjordr which doubled his already incredible strength, his gauntlets Jarngreipr or ‘Iron Grippers,’ which helped him wield his hammer, and the mightiest of the Aesir’s weapons the hammer known as Mjollnir, meaning ‘Grinder,’ or later ‘Lightning,’ which was capable of levelling mountains. He also owned a staff given to him by Gridr called Gridarvolr.


His greatest enemy is Loki’s serpent child Jormungandr, whilst out fishing with Tyr’s father the Jotun Hymir, He used a huge Ox head to lure the Midgardr serpent out of the water, Thor caught it and tried to kill Jormungandr but in doing so his feet broke through the bottom of the boat and Hymir cut the line to save them.


“The brave and famous Hymir caught, two whales on his hook at once, and back in the stern the kinsman of Odin, Thor, cunningly laid out his line. The protector of humans, the slayer of the serpent, baited his hook with the ox’s head. He whom the gods hate, the Circumscriber beneath all lands, gaped at the bait. Then very bravely Thor, the courageous one, pulled the gleaming serpent up on board. With his hammer he struck the head violently, form above, of the wolf’s hideous brother. The sea-wolf shrieked and the underwater rocks re-echoed, all the ancient earth was collapsing then that fish sank into the sea.”- Poetic Edda


He dies at Ragnarok, when He and Jormungandr fight, The serpent emerges from the seas and poisons the air with his venom, Thor kills him but succumbs to the venom in nine steps. Mjollnir is passed on to his sons, in the aftermath.

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