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Goddess of the Storms


Animals- Birds and Bats


Colours- Yellow


Rune- N/A


“Hrist and Mist, I would have bear the horn to me, Skeggjöld and Skögull; Hildr and Thrúdr, Hlökk and Herfjötur, Göll and Geirahöd, Randgrídr and Rádgrídr and Reginleif, These bear the Einherjar ale.”- Prose Edda.

Little is known of Thrudr, what is known is that she is the goddess of storms and the daughter of Sif and Thor and therefore half sister to Modi and Magni and Ullr. She resides in her fathers hall Bilskirnir meaning ‘Lightning crack,’ the largest of the halls with 540 rooms. It sits in the area of Asgardr called Thrudheimr, or ‘Place of Might.’ She is one of the Valkyrie that serves the Einherjar mead in the hall of Valhalla or Vallholl. She was sought out as a bride by the dwarf Alviss.


“Alvíss comes to Thor to claim Thor's daughter as his bride, saying that she had been promised to him earlier. Thor refuses as he had not been at home at the time, then tells Alvíss that he may take the young woman if he can correctly answer all of Thor's questions. The dwarf's replies act as an exhaustive list of the sentient mythological entities among men, Æsir, Vanir, giants, dwarves and elves. Alvíss succeeds, but is turned to stone when touched by the light of the rising sun.”- Wikipedia Excerpt.


She was also abducted by the Jotun Hrungnir causing a great battle between Hrungnir and Thor, Thor claims the victory and slays Hrungnir in a one on one battle.


“But the hammer Mjolnir struck Hrungnir in the middle of the head, and smashed his skull into small crumbs, and he fell forward upon Thor.”

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