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God of Law and Justice


Colours- Dark Red, Grey and Sky Blue


Animals- N/A


Rune- Tiwaz


“Yet remains that one of the Æsir who is called Týr: he is most daring, and best in stoutness of heart, and he has much authority over victory in battle; it is good for men of valor to invoke him. It is a proverb, that he is Týr-valiant, who surpasses other men and does not waver”- Prose Edda.

Tyr is one of the most high ranking of the Aesir pantheon and commands great respect, his name means “Glory.” He is the son of the Jotun Hymir and Hrodr which means “ Famed,” Out of all the gods it is Tyr who is most trusted. His Rune Tiwaz was carved into the hilts of swords to bring glory in battle and honour him. Tuesday is the day named after him Tyr’s (Tiw) Day.


He was sought out by Thor with the task of going to his fathers hall and acquiring a large kettle, 1 mile wide to bring to a feast of the Gods at Aegir’s hall.


“Hymir taunts him and says that he could hardly be called strong if Thor couldn't break Hymir's chalice. The chalice was a magic one and could not be broken Until Thor throws it at Hymir's head. Thor is eventually told so and proceeds to do it. Hymir is annoyed but says that they can take the kettle and leave. There follows the slaying of hordes of giants, whereupon Thor and Tyr leave with the kettle.”- Hymskvida.


He is also the only God to not fear the wolf Fenrir and he even went as far as to part raise him from a pup.


“The Wolf the Aesir brought up at home, and Týr alone dared go to him to give him meat”-Prose Edda.


Following this when Fenrir grew in size the Aesir decided to chain him up on an island, but fearing a trick Fenrir asked for one of the Aesir to place their hand in his mouth that way if they did trick him he would bite down. Tyr was the only god brave enough to do this, in return he lost his hand.


“Yet rather than that ye should impugn my courage, let some one of you lay his hand in my mouth, for a pledge that this is done in good faith.' Each of the Aesir looked at his neighbour, and none was willing to part with his hand, until Týr stretched out his right hand and laid it in the Wolf's mouth. But when the Wolf lashed out, the fetter became hardened; and the more he struggled against it, the tighter the band was. Then all laughed except Týr: he lost his hand.”-Prose Edda.


At Ragnarok Tyr is slain in battle with the watchdog Garmr, who also dies.

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