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God of Revenge


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"One is called Áli or Váli, son of Odin and Rindr: he is daring in fights, and a most fortunate marksman.”- Prose Edda

Little is known of the God Vali what is known is he is the Son of Odin and the Jotun Rindr, he is also brother to Thor, Hodr, Baldr, Bragi, Melli and Vidarr. He is more aggressive than his brother Vidarr and is described as having fire in his eyes. He is also an incredibly skilled archer and is worshipped as so.


He was born with the purpose of slaying Baldr’s Killer and so grew to adulthood in one day, he refuses to wash or cut his hair until this deed is done and later shoots Hodr with an arrow while Loki gets away. Later he binds Loki to three rocks with the entrails of Loki’s Son Narfi.


“Thereupon they took three flat stones, and set them on edge and drilled a hole in each stone. Then were taken Loki's son Narfi; and he was tore asunder And the Aesir took his entrails and bound Loki with them over the three stones: one stands under his shoulders, the second under his loins, the third under his boughs; and those bonds were turned to iron. Then Skadi took a venomous serpent and fastened it up over him, so that the venom should drip from the serpent into his face. But Sigyn, his wife, stands near him and holds a basin under the venom-drops; and when the basin is full, she goes and pours out the venom, but in the meantime the venom drips into his face. Then he writhes against it with such force that all the earth trembles: ye call that 'earthquakes.' There he lies in bonds till the Weird of the Gods."-Prose Edda. 

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