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God of Vengeance


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“Brushwood grows and high grass widely, in Vidar's land, and there the son, proclaims on his horse's back, that he's keen to avenge his father.”-Poetic Edda

Little is known of the God Vidarr, what is known is that he is the son of Odin and the Jotun Gridr, he is the brother of Thor, Bragi, Baldr, Hodr, and Vali and Melli. He is described as being nearly as strong as Thor, probably due to the Jotun bloodline in him. It is said the Aesir rely on him in times of need and when Thor isn't around. He is also described as the silent God, which means not that he doesn’t talk but that he does not use his vengeance recklessly. His name means ’Wide ruler.’


He builds up the sole of his shoes from the strips of leather scraps and uses this said shoe to stand on Fenrir’s jaw at Ragnarok. When Odin is swallowed by Fenrir on the battlefield, Vidarr gains revenge when he stands on the lower jaw of Fenrir and pushes the upper jaw upwards until he could see the heart. He then thrust his sword into it slaying Fenrir and avenging Odin. He is one of the survivors of Ragnarok.


“Then comes Sigfather's, mighty son, Vithar, to fight, with the foaming wolf; In the giant's son, does he thrust his sword, Full to the heart: his father is avenged.”-Poetic Edda 

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