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An aura is an energy field of vibrating atoms and molecules, that surround everything whether living or inanimate. Each Aura is as Unique as a fingerprint to whatever it surrounds. It can be both seen and felt by people with an open 3rd eye, and from it personal information can be gathered based on the size, colour, strength and shape of the aura, the bigger the aura the better. From time to time it needs to be cleansed as they are used to protect, attract, influence and even maim and kill. Meditation is used to strengthen your aura and so should be done regularly. Feeling an aura is really easy, run your hand over your own or someone else's hand without any actual contact but as close as you can get. You will begin to feel an energy forming in the small gap, a sort of vibration or tingling, this is an aura.


To see an aura is more difficult and will require some magickal knowledge. To begin with start by opening up your 3rd eye in whatever way you do this. Meditate to relax yourself then look at you or another person either a body part or in the mirror. Concentrate until you begin to see lines appear around what you are looking at. The more you practice the more detail you will see. Colour will eventually appear and you will eventually be able to see auras by just looking at someone or something. By using the Magick and Colour page you will be able to make an accurate assessment of the aura.

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