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Incantations are words that bring power and enforce certain aspects of ritual and magickal work. They should be used with great respect and care as their effects can be very powerful and sometimes overwhelming. Below are a few that I have used in past rituals, which I may upload to this site at some point many of them from a great Magician called E A Koetting, so all credit must go to him.


To initiate or enforce a demonic pact during a ritual or evocation


Alash, Tad Alash, Tal Ashtu


To summon up your Magickal powers, repeat this as necessary.


Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu

Itz Ranta Mant Kala Mant Atzu Belt Tazu

Vaskalla Itz Rachu Kantantu Velchatza


To rouse a vengeful destruction via ritual


I’Chalaz Itz Rechel

Ahn’Tal Ahn’Tan’Tel


Me Vaskalla Pert’Ent Itzu


To summon forth an entity , repeat as necessary


Estel Malakel

Testzel Samtanel

Itz Retz Namatel

Itz Hel Astarel

Kama Kala Kama Kala

Kama Kala Satanel

(Entities name) Kama

(Entities name) Kama

(Entities name) Kama Kalavel

Me Vaskalla

Me Solvalla

Me Res Alla Ah Tan Tel


Banishment Incantation, repeat as necessary and speak with Authority


Ashtu Malku Ta Dat Arkata

Astus Seckz Altamu Partu

Ire Tempal Krez Ta Felta

Vaskalla Regent Met Senturius

Ta Sastrus Estos Melta

Kelta Kelta Kelta Hine


To bring forth nine days of hell and so strengthen oneself, chant


Tal Shata Alsh Tu

Tolu Shatu lam Aske


To activate your energy centres during a ritual, vibrate and repeat as necessary




The Grand Conjuration for the retention of spirits, spoken during the ritual


At Allu At Allu

At Sasta Kam Pallu

Velchatza Met Fallu

Velchatza Kel Maltu

Et Retaz Ma Kazu

Et Retraz Ez Allu

Vaskalla Et Ratzu

Metantu Velchatza


Blessing an area for Magick, recite whilst sprinkling with salt water


Pater noster, qui es in abyssus, potens nomen tuums, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in abyssus, et in terra. Exorcizo te, creatura sanguis in nomine satan omnipotentis, et in nomine antichristus et in virtute falsus vates. Ut fias sanguis exorcizata ad effugandem omnem, potestatem inimici, et ipsum inimicum eradicare, et explantare valeas cum angelis, et invito omnem maleficus spirite, per virtutem veneficium, maleficus ilicet

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