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Psychic Vampirism


A “psychic vampire” a phrase first used by Anton Lavey in “The Satanic bible” is a person with the ability to leech energy from another living being, refilling and even overfilling their own. Everyone can unknowingly do this by being negative and self absorbed. It is also however a skill which can be learned and mastered like any other magick.


The first step in learning how to perform this technique, is by practising on a willing participant such as a good friend or family member. Take their right hand and place it palm down on your left hand. The right is always the gifter, moving energy from them to your receiver the left. Visualise a bright, blue light filling the body of your participant. Focus on the light and begin to breathe steadily. On every inhale pull the light down through their body, through their arms and hands and into your own hands and body, feeling a slight tingling as it enters you. On every exhale rather than it returning to them, Feel it flowing and swirling evenly around your own body slowly bolstering your own energy. Its now a part of your own life force. You will notice a heightening of the senses and increased energy, whereas your subject will feel drained, dizzy and a little tired. The more you practice and the more sessions you do, but aim for small results at first.


To advance this to the next stage perform this exactly as before but this time without physical contact. This will require a lot of visualisation and mental concentration. It is however slightly quicker to absorb the energy and will let you take in more at a faster rate. Keep doing it till you can do it from a few feet away.


Again to advance this further, do as before but through eye contact, meaning energy is only transferred through looking into the subjects eyes. It will mean each subject will only give a few seconds of energy and it will also require you to visualise a ray of blue energy from their eyes flowing into your own and then filling the body from there instead of the hands or body. It gives you the ability to move to different subjects, every time the eye line is broken.


The Final advancement I can give you is the ability to drain multiple subjects at the same time allowing an even quicker fill of your energy levels. It will however require you to be able to use astral tendrils. It is simple in design being a dark tendril which emanates from your core ,just below where the rib-cages meet in the centre of the body. It extends and splits into a mass of smaller tendrils, which hook into the astral body of your subjects. Focus on your core region and visualise the tendril emerging forth, and moving toward your target, where it pierces through their aura, the targets energy the tendril absorbs as you inhale, transferring the energy to yourself.. Once you can absorb the energy of one subject begin to try two or even three all the way up to five. After this your sub concious will take over.

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