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Grounding With Jord


Grounding with Jord is a none traditional practice in Norse Magick, usually taught by modern Norse Vitki. Its purpose is to balance your energies and then ground yourself to Jord, or the earth in modern tongue. Jord is also a goddess of wild and uncultivated earth, a giantess and possibly Odins first consort, therefore this ritual is also a dedication to her. This then removes any negative or excess energies whilst cleansing and providing a small boost to your energies, excellent for ritual work.


To do this first go outside into your garden or a nearby forest, wherever you like so long as it is outdoors and ideally not on concrete and somewhere you are comfortable. Take of your shoes and sock so you are bare foot and stand on the ground with your feet together, your back should be straight, your mouth should be closed with the tongue on the roof of your mouth behind the teeth and your arms should be at your side. Stand like this for a few minutes so your feet can connect with the ground.


Once you are ready close your eyes and visualize yourself as a tree, roots extending from the bottom of your feet, down into the earth. Begin to mentally explore the body, search everywhere and find any negative emotions or bad aches and pains. Slowly begin to push them down the body all the way to the feet then out into the ground. As you do so ask  Jord to receive the energies and transform them, “Jord, Mother of  Midgard, Mother earth, Mother of Thor, Accept these energies and transform them.” whilst pushing them through the roots into the earth.


Once complete and all energies and pains and emotions have been pushed into the ground, let the roots extend deeper still into the earth, deeper and deeper, at the same time visualize branches extending from your upper body, reaching towards the sky. The roots should still grow further until you reach a pocket of energy, identified via a vibration or tingling sensation in the legs and body. Begin to draw up this energy through the roots and into the legs and body feel it creep up the spine and throughout all your body, cleansing and energizing the body as you go.


Continue to draw up this energy all the way up the branches where at the very tip it turns into water droplets and rains down slowly into the earth. Do this for a few minutes until you are ready and feel totally energized and cleansed then visualize the roots and branches slowly retracting back into the body. Thank Jord “ Jord, Mother of Midgard, Mother Earth, Mother of Thor, I thank you for helping me.” Finish the ritual.

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