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Scrying Development


Scrying is a technique that requires training and practice to develop and advance in and as with anything the more you practice the more you will develop. There is however a few techniques out there that will help you. These should be practised a few hours before actually scrying and as with any magickal endeavour you should fully immerse yourself into them. So start each one by getting into a quiet place where you can visualise without disturbance.


The first scenario is to visualise a really simple object like a pen or a ring for example. If it helps you can look at an object before starting for about 30 seconds taking in as much detail as you can. When you visualise the object visualise yourself picking it up and holding it. Try to visualise it in as much detail as possible. Take note of any flaws or marks or scratches and where the shadows fall and if the light reflects off. Visualise it as accurately as possible for 5 minutes before ending the exercise


The next technique is to try and visualise a face, ideally of a friend or family member. Again if you wish you can look at a photo or actually at the person for around 30 seconds before starting. As with before try and visualise it in as much detail as possible but this time visualise the face going through a range of emotions. Visualise the creases and blemishes, how their hair falls and any marks or bumps. Be as accurate as possible. Do this for 5 minutes before ending.


The third task is exactly the same as before but this time try to visualise your own face. This is normally harder as we tend to give ourselves a false representation to how we look so again before starting look in a mirror for around 30 seconds. Once more change the emotions in your face and visualise every curve and detail of your face. Hold the visual for around 5 minutes before ending.


The next task is not so much a visual one but an audio exercise. Try to imagine a familiar voice, family members are perfect for this but as long as you can clearly imagine the voice it will be fine. You could also have a quick chat with the person before starting to help with the recognising of the voice. Imagine as if the person is actually stood there talking to you, include things like dialect, language even accents or slang, and also try to imagine something recognisable that person would say quite a lot. Finally try to match speed, pitch making it as accurate as possible. Again do this for 5 minutes before ending.


Next this is one you will use all your senses on as when you are scrying this is more likely what you would use. We are going to try and develop a scene, so imagine yourself stood in the countryside, in a field with a small stream and a group of shady trees. Try to feel the breeze on your skin and see it blow through the trees . Hear the insects buzz past and the streams trickling past you down its path. Smell the fresh air and the scent of grass and pollen, make your visualisation as vivid and vibrant as you can. Exist there for 5 minutes before ending and if you need a change try and visualise another scene like a beach scene or an urban scene.


Finally the last exercise is again an all senses task in which you visualise a tray of objects. On a tray imagine a tennis ball, a flat polished stone, a coffee mug, a paperback book, a sharp pencil,a paper clip and a single leather glove. Pick up each object and with each one try and do what you did in exercise 1, this time however include smell, taste and any sound you may hear. Do this for a few minutes per object before ending, and if repetitive you can substitute any of the objects for others.


Practising these techniques should make scrying a lot easier but you should still practice actual scrying as well, and these should also be practised regularly

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