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Charging a Tool with your Life force


A more advanced way to charge a tool is to not only charge it but link it to your own energies thereby attuning it to yourself and strengthening your magick outcomes.


Firstly you will need either lunar or solar charged water. Quite simply to do this place water in a bowl or jar and place either directly outside or on a clear windowsill where the moon or sun light can hit it, for solar water put it out at dawn and bring in at sundown and for moon water place out when dark and bring in just before dawn. Place this water in a bowl and put on your altar. At this point if you wish cast a circle or other protection spell, although it is fine to continue without.


With the water now in place take your index and middle finger and hold them together just above the water. Start to breathe in slowly and deeply. On the in breath visualize a white energy gathering around you like a white aura. On the out breath let the white aura flow down through your body and fingers and into the water, whilst doing this resist the urge to push the aura out let it flow naturally out your fingertips, also try not to tense up, relax as much as possible. When you get the sense of a total peace, that is the time to stop. Take up a Lancet or other blood letting tool, whatever is best for you and add a few drops of blood to the water, 10 is about right but you will know as it is when the water looks light orange in colour. Dip and wash any and all objects you wish to charge with your life force, As you do visualise the white aura surrounding your body, then visualise this energy flowing into the tool in front of you, allow this to continue until you feel the tool is fully charged. Do this for each tool.


Once complete bottle the water for future use or if you want to discard it, do so by pouring it back into the earth or into flowerpots, do not add to any bodies of water like rivers or streams. You now have ritual tools and Magickal objects attuned to your energies.

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