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Blue Ray Meditation


Blue ray meditation is a form of Trataka meditation designed to help enhance and improve your magick. The first thing to do is to acquire an indigo candle. Find yourself a quiet space, where you wont be disturbed and turn out the lights. It needs to be very dark. Light the indigo candle and sit in a comfortable position, one that will not make you fidget or become distracted. Place the candle at eye height a short distance away, make sure it is enough distance that you wont be straining to see it, but not too close so as to be distracting. Once you are back in that comfortable position you are ready to start.


Stare into the flame and begin breathing slowly in and out, a good method for this is three fold breathing. Inhale for the count of three and exhale for the count of three. Begin to clear out and ignore any thoughts that come into your head, keep staring at the flame. Your eyes should be relaxed not focusing too hard or shut. Start to vibrate the words ‘Soham Akaal.’ A mantra which means to go beyond the greatest or the highest. A good mantra to have. On the inhale begin to pull in the light energy of the candle, deep into your core.


As you progress start to vibrate the mantra quieter and quieter, until you are only saying it in your head to yourself. This is now the primordial state, this is where you are aiming to be, floating in nothingness, a state of total meditation. If you are distracted or thoughts enter your head begin chanting the mantra again until you are back to this primordial state, refocusing on the flame. Do this for as long as you like , my advice is at least 15 minutes.Practice this daily for maximum effect, using the exact same method, place, position and even candle, for the same length of time at the same time of the day, making it a discipline and so by enhancing your magick.

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