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Grand Conjuration for the Retention of Spirits


This is a ritual from Kingdoms of flame by E A Koetting, used to retain spirits in order to work with them. It does require you however to know the entities magickal squares and their sigils


Before starting consecrate some water with salt for later use, by placing your index and middle finger in the water and drawing down white energy through you into the water via the fingers. On the floor draw or chalk out the relevant magick square of the entity you want to retain. Hold your right hand over it and gaze into it until the lines and letters start to flash and the gateway opens above you. On a piece of paper draw out the sigil of the entity and repeat the process allowing it to come through the gateway above.Once the entity is present, prick both the middle finger and thumb and allow a few drops of blood to fall onto the sigil, place the sigil in the centre of the square. As you do so speak the words “ By my blood, which is the blood of the eternal, I constrain you.”


Gaze into the consecrated water and visualise the entity and burn the sigil allowing the ashes to fall in the consecrated water. Speak the words “By this Water, which is eternal life, do I merge the realms of the spirit and flesh.” Wash your hands in the ashy water and speak the words “By my hands the strength of the eternal holds you.” Recite the Incantation


At Allu At Allu

At Sasta Kam Pallu

Velchatza Met Fallu

Velchatza Kel Maltu

Et Retaz Ma Kazu

Et Retraz Ez Allu

Vaskalla Et Ratzu

Metantu Velchatza


The entity is now sealed to your work, Close down and end the ritual.

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