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Charging a Magickal Tool


Charging a magickal tool is a basic form of energy Magick used to consecrate a piece of equipment and empower it for use in rituals. It also allows better focus of energies when the tool is being used.


To do this first wash the tool(s) in spring water, then place them on your altar. Visualise a white aura surrounding your body, then visualise this energy flowing into the tool in front of you, allow this to continue until you feel the tool is fully charged. Do this for each tool.


Take some consecrated salt water, to do this take a bowl of water, regular tap water is fine but you can use spring or bottled water. Fill a small bowl and pour in salt, being very generous as salt in magick is well known for being able to absorb magickal energies and as spiritual protection in rituals. In this instance it will clean away and absorb any residual energies, be it positive or negative items fully cleansed. Take your index and middle finger and hold them together just above the water. Start to breathe in slowly and deeply. On the in breath visualize a white energy gathering around you like a white aura. On the out breath let the white aura flow down through your body and fingers and into the water, whilst doing this resist the urge to push the aura out let it flow naturally out your fingertips, also try not to tense up, relax as much as possible. When you get the sense of a total peace, that is the time to stop. Sprinkle the water over the tools and speak the words


“I now charge you with Water and Earth”


Now take up the tool and hold it over a smoking inscence of your choice, sage is a nice common one to use, and speak the words


“I now charge you with Fire and Air”


Your tool is now charged and ready to use, repeat with all the other tools you need. 

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