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Creating a Spell


Creating spells and incantations is a great moment in the development of your personal magickal journey, in my opinion its like taking a small step forward. It is however a form of basic magick and fairly easy to perform. I have narrowed it down to 4 steps in order to help you in your creation of spells and incantations.


  1. Define the Purpose


It is probably the easiest step to perform all you need to do is define what you want your spell to do. However the one key thing to know is that you need to be as specific as possible for example “ I want to be rich,” is a very vague statement, you need to be more accurate like “ I need a new well paying job in customer service that pays well,” it is narrowing it down which will make the outcome more likely and more accurate to what you want.


2. Create the Words


You must now create the words you will speak in order for your magick to work. These should be chosen wisely as just like the norse concept of Galdr words have power behind them, any idea or thought that is spoken or written is given life making it more real to us in the physical realm. Firstly you need to decide what you want to say so for example in a spell for good health you could say

“ My health is excellent, My health is strong.”

Remember to be as accurate and detailed as possible. You will also need to decide what language you want to speak it in, for instance Latin or French or even ancient Egyptian or Nabatean or some other language that you relate too.


3. Outline and Assemble


You will now need to assemble any tools, herbs and equipment that you need and write up or create the steps in your spell. Unlike rituals, spells are more simple and don’t rely on entities to help you along the way. I write each step that I perform into a sort of script which I go over until I get it right. You can however be as loose with it as you feel comfortable with, and if you do use the write up method, do not let it distract you while you actually do the spell. You will need to consider timing, equipment and you will need to gather everything you will need so you aren’t looking for it once you begin the spell. Be very meticulous in this step so as not to leave anything out. I then like to first meditate for around 10 mins just to clear my head of all thoughts and prepare myself for full concentration. I then cleanse and charge my tools using a consecrated salt water and finally set up and get ready to start the spell


4. Perform the Spell and Aftermath


Little needs to be said here just perform your spell like you would any other and believe in your self and the power of your magick. Let the magick do its job and begin working. Like anything else its all a case of trial and error and seeing what works for you. If it doesn’t work tweak it slightly and re perform until you get the results.


So they were my 4 steps to creating a spell I hope these will help on your magick development.  Adapt them to your magick and change them to your style to ensure maximum success in your practice.

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