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Channeling entities


Channeling is the process of allowing an entity to take control of your body to perform a specific task or to impart knowledge. It is best done in the presence of others as the operator wont be able to remember what is said or done and they can also help bring around the operator from the ordeal. It is also used to find out what sort of paranormal behavior is happening in a specific area, like hauntings or possessions. There is 3 parts to a channeling the invocation, the merging and the take over. The last part being the most difficult as naturally you would want to keep control of your own body.


To begin start by meditating on an entity of your choice, make sure you have researched the entity and that its personality and attributes match what you want. Meditate on the sigil or if you have evoked them before, their physical appearance. The use of enns is highly recommended for beginners. Allow its energy to surround you. Surrender yourself to it. Remember to keep breathing and allow all your thoughts and feelings and emotions to flow free. Let the thoughts of the entity come forth and manifest as your own intertwining with the entity’s conscious.


When you feel that your energies have merged together release control of your body and allow the entity to get in the drivers seat. You will be surrounded by blackness and will be able to hear the entity speak with your voice, this is common during channeling. When you are ready or the second that you feel panicked, simply breathe, and begin to ask your mind for control back of your body. This will prompt the entity to step aside and allow you to regain control, The feeling of waking from a nap is common here.


If with others they can also help bring you back to control by shaking you gently and calling your name, however one person should also always take notes so as not to miss anything.

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