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The Black Sun


The black sun exercise is a relatively easy occult meditation method that increases the body and minds powers for magickical purposes.It is however a both physically and mentally exhausting practice that can cause numerous side effects. These include sleep deprivation, sleep paralysis, out of body experiences, fatigue and if over used even mental breakdowns. The recommended usage for this practice is six days before giving your mind a months break.


Wait until night and go to bed as usual, close your eyes and try to visualise a black sun of fiery energy that rises up from the west, slowly, until it is above you directly. When it is at its peak, keep visualising it until sleep takes you. When you awake the next morning close your eyes and re visualise the fiery black sun above you.  This time let it arc down slowly towards the east until it sets. Open your eyes and continue with your day as normal. Nothing will feel different until around the third day when you will go through some changes.


The first thing you will notice is that you will question everything and look for the answers to satisfy the mind, which in terms of magick is helpful as the practice is all about knowledge and answers. You will then notice an emotional detachment from your current life as well as being disinterested in any material wealth which will cause you to adjust your life accordingly. Finally you will come to e realisation about something in your life and change it accordingly and for the better using all the knowledge you have gained. Every day you perform this your powers will grow and become more and more in tune with you. But as stated before so does the chance of side effects.


This process is very punishing and not many can descend into this way of life for long periods of time. It pulls you both Mentally and Spiritually to the other side, not death but an active knowledge of other planes of existence.

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