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Possession is when, any degree of power takes control of the mind and body of any living thing. It gives the most intense feeling as it takes control and if used irresponsibly can cause very negative effects in and around the user. Most people experiencing a possession will go through similar stages and symptoms, the five main stages are


This can happen in a variety of ways, such as hearing voices or physical appearances and incidents. It is normally brought on through evocation and is the first contact with an entity.


More commonly mistaken for a haunting, this is where poltergeist activity starts or a presence is constantly felt.



This experience lasts no longer than a few minutes but if fought can last years. It is the feeling of something taking over control of the bodys motor functions and is very rarely dangerous if experienced enough.


This is where possession is in full effect, it enables you to communicate or write in other languages, sometimes ancient languages, and also access knowledge and secrets otherwise unknown. The voice will change multiple times and come across in different dialects or genders. There will also be a definite feeling of being a passenger in your own body.


This is where there is an understanding, where you use your possession as a co pilot switching control between you and the controlling entity to benfit each other and each others needs.

A possession is never an accident, it is always invited and can even be dangerous if misused. Once possessed it is really hard to rid yourself of the entity. The more common way is to go through an exorcism, but this can fuel an entity to fight for control and it wont always work. A more effective way is to evoke the entity thereby calling it out of your body then dismissing it from the ritual leaving the victim free from the entity.

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