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Norse Prayers

Honouring and Prayer is a basic principle when working with any Deities in any spirituality, it is really simple to do and requires nothing more than your belief and dedication, part of the work however is making these prayers your own, and so writing your own prayers is an essential part of working with them. Below are Prayers that I wrote along with traditional ones and that I have used a lot, the idea being you can take these and adapt them to your own words making the dedication a personal journey for yourself and whichever deity you work with.


Hail Day, Hail sons of Day;

Hail Night and her daughters;

look upon us with favor,

and grant us victory.


Hail to the Gods!

Hail to the Goddesses!

Hail the all-giving Earth!

Bless us with wisdom,

with an honorable tongue,

And healing hands,

for the rest of our days.


Heil Dagr  Heilir Dags Synir
Heil Njott Ok Nipt
Oriedum Augum
Litid Okkr Thinig
Okk Gefid Sit Jondum Sigr

Heilir Aesir
Heilar Asynjur
Heil Sja in Fyolnyta Fold
Mal, Ok Mannvit
Gefid Okkr Maerum Tveium
Ok Laeknishendr Medan Lifum

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