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The Lesser Banishing Ritual


This ritual is a cleansing or protecting incantation that requires nothing more than your belief in it working. It can be performed before or after any ritual you are performing or it can be used whenever the need arises.

Start by imagining a glowing aura around yourself which expands and contracts as you breathe. Relax your body and mind and see yourself growing taller and taller until you are looking over all of creation and you could pluck the earth out of the air. Above your head see a brilliant white cloud of light covering you . Raise two fingers (Index and Middle) and holding them like a ritual blade place into the centre of the cloud. Pull down a stream of light and rest you fingers on your forehead. Vibrate the word “ATAH”which means unto thee. Now pull the light down to the chest Vibrate the word “MALKUTH” which means the kingdom.Pull the light down to the right shoulder and Vibrate the word “VEGEBURAH” which means and the power. Pull the light to the left shoulder and vibrate “VEGEDULAH” which means and the glory. Finally pull the light back to the chest and vibrate “LE OH LAM AMEN” which means forever and ever amen.

Turn to face east and in the air with your two fingers draw a pentagram by starting at the lower left hand corner. Imagine it is being drawn in a fiery blue energy and when completed thrust your fingers into the centre and hold. Vibrate the name “YODHEVAVHE” before bringing yourself


back to the centre. Put your finger on your lips like you would a hush motion. Turn south dragging the energy from the previous pentagrams centre and repeat the process this time vibrating the name “ADONAI” and finishing in the hush position. Pull the power to the west, repeat the process and this time vibrate the name “EHEIEH” and into the hush stance. Drag the power to the north, repeat the actions and vibrate the name “AGLA” and end in the hush stance. Finally Pull the power back to the east, creating a circle of energy around you.

Come to the centre and stand with your arms outstretched and Call out: “Before me Raphael; Behind me Gabriel; On my right hand Michael; On my left hand Auriel. About me burns the Pentagram, and within me burns the six-rayed Star.” Return to a normal stance and see the energy around you burn more fiery and disappear. The Ritual is complete.

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