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Rune Interpretations

So here are my very basic interpretations for each rune. Obviously each of these can be gone into in more depth but to get started these will suffice and over time you will begin to interpret the runes in your own way. I have split them up into their families or Aetts and one thing to remember is green is the right way up and red is the reversed interpretation.

Freyja's Aett


Fehu - Livestock/Wealth


A sign of good wealth and health to come along with good fortune, don’t waste it however on those that will abuse it.


Poverty and health problems will come along with a run of bad luck. Be charitable and show compassion.


Uruz -Aurochs/Water


Good Physical and Mental health, and in a man virility and in a woman fertility. You have the strength to fulfill your dreams but you must use your strength to stay on track. Master your own ego to succeed.


There will be a failure of clear thinking and a rapid ill health. Look out for signs of weakness to prevent failure.


Thurisaz -Giant/Thorn


The power is within you to face any challenge and overcome any fear, do not let anyone deter you from your current path.


Evil may overcome you however the danger is slight. The power you have can cause chaos in others lives. Look out for an attack from a position of authority.


Ansuz -God/Oak


The answers are hidden from you, look for signs and omens to your situation all around. Ensure you don’t miss the information given to you.


Do not miss interpret the signs you are shown, something written which you read in more important than you know.


Raido -Journeying/Ride


A journey is apparent and old friends will return. The journey could be that of the cycle of life and by attuning your lifestyle to the seasons you will ensure success in your journey. Embrace the hard times knowing that it will get easier in your cycle.


A deadline is missed. There is isolation and lack of movement in your journey to come.


Kenaz - Torch/Ulcer


A new understanding of life and its mysteries is within you, use this understanding to showcase your good side and great knowledge will come to you.


What appears to be the true path is actually a road to ill health and lack of knowledge, a minor medical condition should be treated.


Gebo -Gift/Spear


Ask and forgiveness will be granted. A gift is due to be received. If accepted be prepared to give in return, but it will be worth the cost. Decide on who to give your gifts too as it is reckless to give to everyone.


Wunjo -Joy


Happiness, success in love and good health are all in abundance for you. If you are willing to work for it all of the aforementioned can be yours. Hide from truth however and you hide from happiness. Seek only was is good and right.


Failure in romance and ambition are coming, this is not a good time for new ventures all relationships are under strain.


Heimdallr's Aett 


Hagalaz -Hail


Challenges are in your life, face them without fear, Know these are just stepping stones on the way to your goals. There is however a small chance of illness, injury and hardship. A lover or partner is hiding something.


Naudiz -Need/Hardship


You are getting what you need from life right now it will however feel like the opposite. Accept your past and keep your eyes on the goal. The present is the only thing you have control over.


Your desires have hidden dangers, be free with your emotions and have more fun with your food. Someone secretly admires you.


Isaz -Ice


Don’t get yourself into a rut a period of stagnation is upcoming, showing your emotions or crossing water will be beneficial to you during this time. Have patience but do not abandon your goals, reaffirm them.


Jera- Year/Harvest


A time for just rewards from past exploits is approaching, you have a dormant talent or ability which must be discovered, it represents pure joy in your life. Make sure to work hard for the coming winter.


Eihwaz -Yew


A time for transformation approaches stick to your path to achieve your goals but accept the changes to come and do so without fear. What appears a a danger can be diverted through patience and understanding.


Peorth -Tree/Earth


Make choices in your life do not let your decisions stagnate do not allow others to compromise your truth and know to employ common sense to boost your chance of success.


Failure is likely, so take no upcoming chances, do not succumb to your rash feelings, trust only your loved ones.


Algiz- Elk/Sledge


You will gain success through endeavour in a search or enterprise. The path ahead of you is crowded with dangers but you have the power to overcome them all within you. You are safe if you are not reckless.


Beware of being pig headed or short sighted as you are unprotected and exposed also your growth will start to decline.


Sowilo -Sun


Good fortune awaits you and you have the inner power to bring ideas to the light. This is not a time to relax however and you should examine your darker self. Seek solutions to your problems.


Tyr's Aett 


Tiwaz -Tyr


A victory is already assured if your heart is true. Use all your wisdom and knowledge to protect you against injustice.


You should beware of left handed people and be aware that your shyness will hold you back and bring cowardice.


Berkanan - Birch/Popular


Increased business or profit. A good time for new ventures and ideas but do not expect quick results, your ideas need to grow before being harvested.


A bad time for ventures and business. There could be a loss in profits. You may suffer a theft.


Ehwaz -Horse


You have the support you need to bring you to your goal. You are quick witted and sure footed and even though you will be proud of your achievements, remember to remain humble. Something appearing stagnant will appear to move.


You will become lost in your journey to the goal you seek. You may be distracted or become bored and disinterested. It may even make you regress. Someone willing and confident will be up to no good.


Mannaz -Man/Human


There is a willingness to change and a kindness to you only through a balanced mind, body and soul can you achieve what you seek. Learn from each lesson to come and you will achieve greatness.


You will become dishonest and gain aspects of the opposite sex in the time to come. Your ego will out grow you.


Laguz -Lake/Ocean/Sea


A great emotional balance is within you and brings fortune to travel over waters. As the sea constantly moves so should your life, don’t become stagnant. It brings sensual madness of sexuality, the unconscious, intuitive, and psychic abilities.


There is a great and real danger of drowning both spiritually and physically on your current path. Beware of people trying to trick you.


Ingwaz- Yngwi/ing


A burning fire of inspiration is within you, act upon it and feel yourself being urged onwards on your path. Live one day at a time and act appropriately. Love and harmony may be hard to achieve but persevere and it will come. Help a shy lover blossom.


Odal- Heritage/Estate


A time for re focusing and fixing what is broken, concentrate and read all the signs but don’t force the answers to come. Gripping too tightly can kill your search.


You are full of immaturity,and lack of forethought. This stops you taking calculated risks and prevents you from achieving your desires. The honest or just way may be hidden from you.


Dagaz- Day


Remain true to the current path your on and your goals shall be met. Remain humble however so as not to be blinded by your protective power. Perseverance is key the time is not right for any changes.

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