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Sungazing is a ritual I have found recently with the credit going to Asbjorn Torvol, I believe as I think it was one of his works I was reading when I first heard of it, it appears to be a form of meditation and if not done correctly or if used in an inappropriate way can be fairly dangerous for the eyesight. So in other rituals like scrying or the blue ray meditation, you sometimes will use candles to stare into the flame, fire being a form of ancient magick and wisdom, usually you use the energy from the flame to draw into yourself and bolster your magick. Well the sun is basically a huge flame which can be used in the same way. It contains huge amounts of energy even though few still use it in the modern age, unlike our ancestors. The technique is good for the pineal gland which in magick is used for the manipulation of energy, a definition used for magick. Therefore this ritual is a way to boost your own rituals or magick.


This should be performed once a day maximum and only when the sun is either setting or rising to avoid injuring your eyes in the bright sun. Begin by sitting outside barefoot to allow the flow of energy through the body and facing towards the sun. Get into a comfortable position and stare into the very centre of the sun. Start by breathing in and out, in and out, drawing all your attention to your breaths, notice you chest rising and falling as you do and begin to count your breaths, keeping them nice and slow and steady. Empty your head of all thoughts, feelings and emotions, and just be one with yourself. Keep staring at the sun focusing your attention to it and begin to feel its energy flowing around you. On every inhale draw in some of that energy and on every exhale let it flow through the body distributing evenly, feel it begin to change how you feel and energize you. Do this for a maximum of 30 minutes before ending the ritual or until you feel your eyes beginning to hurt, use the extra energy in your magick or just to motivate you into the day.

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