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Notch Candle Ritual

Candle magick is some of the most basic form of magic you can practice but can also be some of the most effective. There are many ways that you can perform this ritual but my method is as follows.

First you need to be next to your altar, for this I prefer to be sat down as the next step is to meditate just to get you into the right mindset for the ritual. To do this relax, focus on your breathing nice and slow and relaxed, letting all other thoughts leave your head, just concentrating on your breaths in and out, in and out. When you are totally relaxed stay in this state for around 10 minutes just to focus your mind. Place a candle of your choice on the altar and carve little notches at equal distance along the main body of it. Each one of these notches represents a specific time period. I use each one as a day.


On a piece of vellum or paper write your intention, for instance

 "I want to gain a new successful job that pays well"

As with any intention be as specific as you can do as to get the most accurate outcome to what you want. Place this under the candle. Get yourself into a comfy relaxed position once more and light the candle. Focus all your attention on to the flame of the candle, in your mind think of nothing but your intention, keep this up until one notch has burned down. blow out the candle, but leave in position in your altar and close down. Each day go back, light the candle and complete another notch until the candle has completely burned down.


Take the vellum or paper that's left and burn it in a small bowl as you do speak the words 


"So it shall be"

Take the ashes and bury them or discard into the wind. Allow time for the ritual to work. For added potency, the candle colour you pick should relate to the intention for instance Green for any luck or finance, yellow for any knowledge, blue for any healing, pink for any friendship or love. But it is entirely your choice and any candle will work.

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