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Elemental Balancing Ritual


Sickness is caused by mental strains and stresses of a daily life, along with the involvement of environmental influence such as pollution. This is called an elemental imbalance. To negate and correct the imbalance you can perform the following ritual, and all that is needed is a heavily creative imagination.


Find a quiet place, similar to where you meditate or even where you perform your other rituals and sit comfortably so as not to fidget. Imagine you are holding a box and start to put your elements inside. To do this pull objects from your body, leaves and dirt for earth, fire and water as they are and smoke or mist for air placing them in the box as you remove them, until you are physically drained. Throw the box away and now imagine a new box. Imagine new fresh elements around you and place them in the box. Once completed pull the box inside your body to your very core, if done correctly you will feel invigorated and energetic, now close down the ritual as you normally would any other.

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