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The Three Cloaks


The three cloaks is a basic protection spell used to defend against magickal and spiritual attacks. Even though it is an easy ritual, it can be a massive energy drain, when being used and so must be stopped once finished with.


To perform this ritual get yourself into a comfortable position, in a quiet place. Visualise a blue cloak on the floor in front of you. Blue is the colour of healing and protection from entities. Visualise putting on the cloak wrapping it around your body so as to completely cover it. Pull up the hood over your face so as to be completely enveloped in it. It is made of a gauze like material so you can still see through it. Now do the same with a gold cloak, once again wrapping it around you over the blue cloak. Gold is another protection colour. Finally put on a Green or Brown coloured cloak which not only protects but camouflages you from any entities.


As with any protection spell, it is not a hundred percent effective but it greatly increases you chance of being hidden and protected from other entities. As you go about your day keep a mental note that your cloaks are on in the back of your mind. When you are finished using it, perform the ritual again this time taking off each cloak from green to blue. The ritual will leave you physically tired if left on for long periods of time, so short and quickly is probably best.

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