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It basically translates as ‘Worship of Demons.’ It is the practice of calling upon pure energy forces known as demons, to aid in the gaining of knowledge, spiritual growth or the projecting of ones own will into a person or object through ritual magick. It covers the discovering of the personal divine power within each of us and how to live within the natural balance of energies around us. It also lets us discover inner peace and self responsibility.


The practice of demonolatry has no belief in heaven or hell but of planes of existence with gateways from which to cross into them. There is also a belief in re incarnation of our energies into other beings. It takes into account science to account for questions like ‘how we got here?’ and it does not conflict with any of the scientific theories. Lots of demonolatry is rites or medative states including prayer and mental exercises, however for a part of it rituals and magick come into play including the use of incense, candles and imagery.

Because of the nature and first impressions of demonolatry many people fear it and try to pass it off as a form of Satanism or other cult practice, however it does differ from these slightly. Practitioners tend to find inner peace, a positive self image, strength, courage and a deep seated knowledge about not only themselves but of humanity as a whole. Instead of trying to stare into the eyes of their gods like most other religions try to do, demonolatry is about trying to achieve the ability to look through the eyes of their gods and trying to build a personal relationship with them, so they become the wisest teachers and eternal friend, making each demon apart of us and we apart of them.

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