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The 9 Demonic Kings


The first thing to acknowledge is what a demon is and what is their purpose. When people think of a demon the image that comes to mind is that of horned reptilian like creatures waiting to drag you off to hell. This is far from the case. Demon come from the Greek word Daemon which actually means Divine. Before demons were ever thought to be evil, so pre religion , the ancient race of  Nabateans worshiped these divines or entities it wasn’t until religion came along that they were thought of as evil and given grotesque appearances as way to frighten people into following a specified religion.


I prefer the word entity to demon and entities are a force of great power and energy, with an ability to alter or change the natural world. They offer us the gift of great occult knowledge and abilities to those who respect and follow them and their teachings and are still worshiped as gods even today. There are hundreds of entities one can work with, with a whole manner or personalities and attributes, however only 9 ever need to be worked with to achieve a satisfying lifestyle. The 9 Demonic Kings can give you a perfect life as their power is of a high enough force to make or change significally a specific outcome for the best results. They are also the most knowledgeable and accommodating to work with.


 The 13th Spirit, influences emotions making a change in the way someone feels about you.


 The 9th Spirit, Influences people minds allowing a certain degree of control as to how someone acts or performs.


 The 68th spirit, Influences lawlessness and authority allowing someone to escape the law or other high ranking power.


 The 51st spirit, creates an aura allowing you to absorb information faster and better. Can also show you any point in time.


The 61st spirit, Has the ability to make people not see you or take notice of you, via the means of deceit, illusion or alchemy  


The 45th spirit, Overcomes or removes obstacles/walls in a persons life to make it easier.


The 20th spirit, Grants the ability to create something from nothing, like evoking an entity,same process but will form something more solid in your life.


The 1st spirit, Causes people to stop attacking or noticing you, keeping you from harm.


The 32nd Spirit, Reveals any and anyones secrets to you , giving you a head start when meeting someone

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