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A curse is the act of using magick in a ‘ritual of destruction’ to bring about suffering, negativity and/or death to an object or living thing. It is a high form of baneful magick and really should only be used in the most extreme of circumstances as for it to work, you will need a deep true hatred of the target and a lot of willpower and desire, which can in some instances run in opposite directions to each other, making it a harder form of magick.


Desire is one of the key factors in not only this type but all types of magick, as for any form of magick to work there needs to be the catalyst of desire behind it, so the more desire you have the more potent and stronger the effects of your magick or curse will be. Before committing to any form of baneful magick you need to be sure that the outcome is what you truly want, Is the suffering and death of the target an outcome you can live with, is it your true desire. Any sort of doubt will greatly affect the outcome and even prevent the curse from working.


As well as desire you will need to have vast amounts of willpower, a certainty that the result will happen and the knowing that it will happen. True power in magick is effortless, so once any ritual you perform is done, just knowing the outcome will happen and believing what you have cast is a dead cert is an act of having willpower. Watching and waiting and dwelling on the outcome is not having willpower and dilutes the outcome even preventing it in some cases. You will find as well that by forgetting, your ritual or spell and putting it to the back of your mind the outcome is more likely to happen.So to curse someone there a few methods out there but the one I found that works really well is one learnt from the works of E A Koetting which I very slightly adapted to suit my needs and practice style.


So to begin have the outcome you want in your head and think on it clearly, take some clay or a piece of paper and create a likeness of the target on the chosen medium, you can even create a sigil for them. You will need to acquire a piece of hair or clothing from the person and add this as well. Finally scribe their name on it. Raise a ritual dagger above your head and as you do call upon all the powers of darkness you can muster, asking for their help and gathering all the dark and negative energy into your self, building up more and more, and feeling the hatred for the target grow and grow and begin to consume you. Visualise what will happen to the person or target, know what will happen once this ritual is complete and when you feel ready release all the anger and hatred on the paper or clay. Bring down the dagger, stamp, kick, tear, whatever comes natural to you and completely destroy the medium to little tiny pieces. Wish out loud what you want to happen, mean it releasing all that built up anger, hatred and desire. Look at the pieces and tell them what will happen to them as if talking to the target. You feel physically exhausted from the amount of energy you put it into the ritual so end it as easy as you want. To cement it for me I say something like “ So will it be” or “So it is done.” At this point allow the ritual and magick to work, begin to put it to the back of your mind and somewhere down the line you will hear of the misfortune that has befell the target.

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