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Goddess of the Breeze


Colour- N/A


Animals- N/A


Rune- N/A


Little is known of the Goddess Gna, What is known is her name means ‘To Soar’ and that she is one of the handmaids of Frigg. She carried messages through the nine realms for the Aesir, especially her mistress Frigg. She did this on a horse called Hofvarpnir which means ‘Hoof thrower,’ sired by the horses Hamskerpir and Gardrofa. It could travel through the air and even on water. She could shrink both herself and her horse down to nothing but a few inches if required. She is also said to have a male lover in all of the nine realms. Her weapon of choice was a spear.


Frigg sent Gna to give King Rerir an enchanted apple, which he in turn gave to his wife, who then gave birth to Volsung, starting the Volsunga Saga into motion.

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